Safe and Ecological Pest Control Service

MCW professional consultants will use  Dustmitex powder, which is non-toxic, harmless and eco- friendly, as a vital element during pest control treatment.

Dustmitex powder has inorganic borate as an active ingredient. Compared with other traditional pesticides, Dustmitex is safer, more efficient, more endurable and has lower toxicity. It is suitable to use at hospitals, elderly care centers or kindergartens.

Dustmitex is friendly and suitable for any materials, such as wood, stone, paints, cloth etc.

Proven to have low toxicity (about the same as table salt);

Reviewed by the California EPA, it poses no significant exposure risk to humans, and is safe to pets as well;

Its efficiency is attested by numbers of laboratories and universities;

Avoidance is not necessary during treatment;

1-2 Months effectiveness.

Suitable working temperature: 16°C or above

Suitable working location: home, hospitals, kindergartens, elderly caring centers, hotels, restaurants, pet shops, etc.

Suitable working materials: wood, stone, paints, cloth, plastic, carpet, etc.