Harm of bedbug:

Skin inflamed, which makes you feel itching and pain

Wounds infected.

Chronic anemia.

Emotional illness.

Allergy and Insomnia.


What is Bedbugs?

Breeding location: indoor area such as mattress, clothes, cracks on floor and wall.

Sign of existence: tiny eggshells, peels of nymph, dark red faeces, smelly odor

Size: 4 – 5 mm

Life cycle: 9 – 18 months

Reproductive period: 6- 7 generations per year


1 Bedroom / up to 100 ft, HK$1000 / treatment

1 Bedroom & 1 Living room / up to 300 ft, HK$1800 / treatment

2 Bedrooms & 1 Living room / up to 500 ft, HK$2600 / treatment

3 Bedrooms / larger than 800 ft, separate quotation will be provided.

Before treatment:

Residents and their plants or pets should not stay in the treatment covered area.

Put away the food, utensils or any other things which are not wanted to be stained with pesticides.

Tidy up the furniture and miscellaneous.

Wash thoroughly the bedbug-polluted clothes, sheets, curtains with hot water higher than 80°C, then make them dry and put them inside a thick plastic bag temporarily.

After treatment:

Open all windows and doors for 2-3 hours before the entry of the treatment covered area.

Clean the surface of the furniture with water.

Seek medical advice as soon as possible if there are any illnesses.