Mold Removal Service

Mold is a fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments. There are thousands of known species of molds and all require moisture for growth. The warm and humid weather in Hong Kong provides a perfect environment for the molds. They will reproduce by microscopic airborne spores and will break out at an unventilated environment, washroom, kitchen or any water seepage location.

Mold can cause different diseases and other health problems.

Some kinds of molds easily breed on food and are non-visible. Foodborne illness will be caused if anyone takes the food with mold.

Chronic inhalation of mold will also cause different respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis, asthma, rhinitis, pneumonia, etc.

Some people with low immunity, their skin may easily be infected by the molds and result in Athlete’s foot or onychomycosis.

If the indoor environment is flooded with different kinds of molds and bacteria, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), which can be fatal, may also be caused.



Molds are always found at:

the side of vent with ponding and dust

Air-tight rubber gasket at sinks and windows

Carpet, especially near sink or water dispenser

Plaster of wall and ceiling

Water-seepage or unventilated corners



Health Notice from Environmental Protection Department (EPD):


According to EPD, molds can be easily brought into our home through our clothes and shoes, and thus increase the chance of getting different respiratory diseases. Since 2019, the quantity of molds has become one of the parameters of the EPD indoor air quality (IAQ) index in office and public places.


Wet and damp environment will accelerate the growth of molds, and as well as their symbionts (such as dust mites). With chronic inhalation of molds and dust mites’ secretions, the syndromes of respiratory tract infection, nasal allergy, asthma and edema will be aggravated. Some people with weak immune system, such as organ-transplanted person or patient with hematological diseases, must beware the risk of getting pneumonia.


EPD also reminds that, while hanging up the laundry, dehumidifier or fan is better being switched on for assistance. This is because always keeping the indoor humidity under 60% can significantly decrease the breed of molds. Besides, regular molds removal and prevention services are also essential for everyone.

Below 500 ft / HK$6.5 per ft (including wall and ceiling)

501-1000 ft / HK5.5 per ft (including wall and ceiling)

More than 1000 ft, separate quotation will be provided


*Minimum service fee is HK$1000