HCHO Removal Service

HCHO Removal Service


Formaldehyde (HCHO) exposure mainly comes from building materials, such as paints, varnishes, coatings, industrial cleaners, particle boards, fiber and furniture. High concentration HCHO can cause serious skin and eye allergies; With chronic inhalation of HCHO, not only headache and respiratory disease will be caused, but also harmful to nervous system and endocrine system, and even cancer may be resulted. According to the medical research, HCHO is extremely dangerous to pregnant women, it will highly increase the probability of the occurrence of deformed fetus and abortion.


MCW is an indoor air quality service consultant listed in Environmental Protection Department IAQ. We use mixed-catalyst, supported by Japan Marusyo and JP-ECO mixed-catalyst technique, as a new solution of HCHO removal. Compared with the method of using only photocatalyst remover, it is more reliable, effective, and endurable. With combining the merits of Marusyo medical level nano photocatalyst, JP-ECO non-photo CT catalyst and air catalyst, MCW’s new solution can significantly decrease the HCHO value.

It can further decompose other VCOs, bacteria and mold, and its effective period can sustain over 5 years. Not only residential or working environments, as our solution is proven to be friendly to pregnant women, seniors, kids, and pets, it is also safe to be used in hospitals, elderly caring centers or kindergartens.

Japan Marusyo MV-6 is superior to traditional photocatalyst that could take the best effect only under the UV wave band. MV-6 is corresponded to 550nm visible light, which can maximize its effectiveness under the environment with general indoor light in daytime to decompose different harmful substances and eliminate the virus and bacteria, such as Coronavirus, E. coli and MRSA.

JP-ECO mixed-catalyst is safe, non-toxic, and non-irritating to the skin of humans and animals. It is made of inorganic raw material and purified water. It can attract different organic and inorganic harmful substances (including HCHO) to initiate the immediate Redox reaction. By decomposing the pathogenic protein molecules into water and carbon dioxide, JP-ECO mixed-catalyst also shows significant effect on disinfection and deodorization.

Measure the HCHO value in different locations as Pre-treatment Baseline by professional formaldehyde gas detector. Health level: 0.00 – 0.08; Safe level: approx. 0.15

Apply the JP-ECO CT-catalyst solution at the internal of the furniture, such as the wardrobe.

Apply the Japan Marusyo MV-6 on the outer surface of the furniture.

Apply the air-catalyst solution on the wall and the indoor environment.

Measure again the HCHO value at each location to obtain the Post-treatment Baseline.

Provide professional advice about the control of the VOCs and indoor air quality to our customers.

價格清晰, 沒有隱藏收費


=Extra Add-on Service with Discounted Rate=

Photoplasma Disinfection Service:

400呎 HK$800


=Extra Add-on Service with Discounted Rate=


Photoplasma Disinfection Service:


This service is especially suitable for the unventilated indoor environment.

Capable of breaking up the core holding structure of airborne and surface contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, mold, mustiness, VOCs, tobacco smoke, dust mites-impurities that cause unpleasant & lingering odors indoors.

Disinfection completed in 180 times faster than just UV light used alone.

Disinfection completed in 2000 times faster than just ozone used alone.

By utilizing the principles of photo-chemistry, exciting state (plasma), and photo-ionization through the photoelectric effect, these methodologies have been well studied and safe.


Ion-Resonance  HCHO Removal Service:


Release radicals to capture the HCHO in air

Utilize the efficient of HCHO remover

Decompose VOC and TVOCS almost completely

Eliminate the bacteria and pathogen in air efficiently

Transform ozone to oxygen, to increase the oxygen content and the indoor air quality


The HCHO Removal service fee is determined by the area of the units, where without any hidden extra charges. We have already provided our professional service to the customers in many different estates, which are all over Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories.