Indoor & Outdoor Disinfection

Indoor & Outdoor Disinfection


Eco-friendly deodorization and disinfection service (Non-chemical)

Efficiently decompose bacteria, viruses, and odor;

Be suitable for hospitals, kindergartens, school, restaurants, canteens, washrooms, public places, etc.;

Be suitable for pets, pregnant women, chronic disease patients, seniors and kids


400 ft, HK$800; HK$2 for each additional foot

Over 1500 ft, separate quotation will be provided

Integrated Disinfection service

(Nano Silver Ag+ Photocatalyst x Ion Resonance)


Kills 99% virus and bacterias, such as Influenza A virus, MRSA, Hepatitis A & B, Norovirus, Rhinovirus, Caronavirus, HIV-1 etc.

Chain reaction with the electrode magnetic wave in the environment will be initiated, the outermost electrons of Ag+ in the photocatalyst will be transformed to an excited state.

Ag+, by electrostatic attraction, absorbs different gas particles and biological cells. The electrons in excited state will decompose them into generally harmless particles, such as CO2 and H2O


The service fee depends on the service covered area and details listed as below:

300 ft or less, HK$1400

301-500 ft, HK$1600

501-750 ft, HK$1800

751-1000 ft, HK$2200

1001-1250 ft, HK$2600

1251-1500 ft, HK$3000

1501-1750 ft, HK$3400

1751-2000 ft, HK$3800

2001 ft or more, separate quotation will be provided.

Photoplasma Disinfection Service


Extra add-on service option where especially suitable for unventilated indoor environment.

Capable of breaking up the core holding structure of airborne and surface contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, mold, mustiness, VOCs, tobacco smoke, dust mites-impurities that cause unpleasant & lingering odors indoors.

Disinfection completed 180 times faster than just UV light used alone.

Disinfection completed 2000 times faster than just ozone used alone.

By utilizing the principles of photo-chemistry, exciting state (plasma), and photo-ionization through the photoelectric effect, these methodologies have been well studied and safe.


The service fee depends on the service covered area:

400 ft, HK$800; HK$2 for each additional foot.

HK$1000 / day; HK$2400 / 3 days;